e-Nicotine Technology (eNT)

eNT is a healthcare company committed to reducing the harms associated with combustible tobacco products. eNT is developing the next generation of state-of-the-art electronic nicotine delivery products that quickly and dramatically reduce smoking urge while using 40-70% less nicotine than cigarettes or existing e-cigarettes. eNT’s products deliver consistent doses of nicotine and emit no secondhand vapor, giving consumers a discreet and satisfying nicotine experience anytime, anywhere.


The Unmet Need

Despite decades of public health and medical intervention, smoking remains one of the most preventable causes of death in the United States. Each year, 430,000 Americans die annually of smoking-related illnesses, more than all American deaths in wars in the 20th century combined; while around the world, 5 million people die each year. As cigarettes move from being used primarily by rich industrialized nations to a cheap commodity sold around the world, it has been estimated that smoking-related illnesses will cumulatively claim a staggering 1 billion lives in the 21st century. One in five deaths in the U.S. are attributable to smoking related illness. While the vast majority of smokers indicate an interest in quitting, approximately 80% of smokers who try to quit on their own relapse in one month, and only 3-5% will remain abstinent at six months. The scientific community has called for the development of a pulmonary nicotine delivery system that more closely mimics the blood levels of nicotine produced through smoking, as such a system could be differentially effective in helping smokers to quit, or at a minimum would enable them to obtain their nicotine in a way that is associated with less detrimental health effects as compared to smoking.


The Regulatory Environment

President Obama’s enactment of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act in 2009 gave the FDA’s Center for Tobacco Product (CTP) regulatory authority over tobacco products.